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Meet the Team


Partner at Weldon and Weldon Financial Coaching. Jeffry began his career in 1986 after graduating from The Columbus School of Law at Catholic University in Washington D.C. Where he was on the editorial board for Volume one and two of The journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy. He joined Strategies for Wealth in 1991, and after 30 years expanded the services offered to his clients co-founding a Registered Investment Advisory, Weldon and Weldon Financial Coaching, with his wife and life partner Carolyn Weldon. Jeff is enrolled at Texas A&M School of Law, obtaining his Masters of Wealth Management degree. During his career, Jeffry has been the recipient of numerous business building awards with the businesses he has represented.. In his spare time, he enjoys being with his wife Carolyn and their two children, Meghan and Kathleen.

Specialties: Wealth Advisory, Executive, Estate and Personal and business Strategies

I am a financial coach and Brand Ambassador with Matson Money. I am committed to saving families from speculating and gambling with their hard-earned money by providing ongoing coaching, tools, and breakthrough education around Nobel Prize winning, empirically tested academic investing principles. I'm a member of my local Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International (BNI) group.
Outside of work, I'm a past president and current trustee of my local library. As an avid reader, I have had the distinct pleasure of being part of a book club (and friendship circle) for 28 years. My monthly dinner group, Women Listen to Women, raises funds for charity.
I work out to retain my sanity, not to mention to eat ice cream! I was just nominated for my high school's sports hall of fame, as my hurdles records from 45 years ago still stand! I placed second in New York State in the 100 meter hurdles my junior year, and I was in the right place at the right time to be coached by Brooks Johnson, a track and field coach of the women's Olympic team.
I am a breast cancer survivor.
I can't tell a joke, but I'm a great audience -- I love to laugh!
I love making memories with my husband, children and grandchildren, even doing ordinary activities like boating around the Thousand Islands, hiking, and making s'mores around a bonfire. My husband and I both hail from big families, so holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are always excuses for big, fun gatherings.
I'm a sports fan -- I grew up on Notre Dame football, as my dad is an alumnus. The best things about sports are that nobody can buy success; you have to put in the work and perform when it counts. Nothing is more fun than being in a stadium full of cheering fans when your team is doing well. Ditto for cheering a good live band like Fleetwood Mac or Springsteen!


Christy Goodwin


Executive Assistant


I joined the Weldon & Weldon Financial Coaching Team in August of 2020 as Executive Assistant. I enjoy helping our clients and really enjoy talking to them and meeting them in person. I'm able to help them with the Financial needs and their life insurance needs in processing their requests.

I worked at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall Tx for almost 10 years. I started out as the Children’s Ministry Receptionist, where I greeted everyone who walked through the doors of the Children's Ministry Monday - Friday. I so enjoyed the little ones as they came in on Tuesday's and Thursday to the mother's day out program. I received lots of love and hugs from those little ones. I moved into the Counseling Center to be their receptionist where I scheduled appointments and assisted the office manger. After almost two years in that position I moved up to the Office Manager position and helped setting up group programs and scheduling rooms for them to meet in. I also worked with the clients of the counseling center around the payments for services with their counselors.

I worked for AT&T from 1978 until about 2004. I held various positions through the years. I started off in the Reproduction Department and also worked in the mailroom, accounting, customer service and when I retired with them I was a Project Manager for the Outside Plant Systems. I was laid off from AT&T for a brief time from 1990-1993 when my husband, son and I moved to Watertown, NY where I worked for the Weldon-Trimper Law Firm. While I was at the law firm, I met Mr. Weldon's son, Jeffry who became my life insurance agent. Now some 30 years or so later I work for Jeffry and his wife Carolyn.

I went to the University of Phoenix and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in September of 2001.
I graduated from Plano High School, Plano Illinois back in 1978. I still try to keep in touch with several of my high school classmates.

When I'm not working I love to spend time with my family. My husband Walter, son Keith and his wife along with the 3 most precious granddaughters. My daughter Jessie and her husband and my grand dog Bullet. Jessie and Justin will welcome my newest grandchild in October.
I also enjoy quilting and sewing to some extent. I am currently working on Sequined Christmas stockings.

Life is Grand and I want to always live it to the fullest. At the same time, anything I can do to help people is what I like to do. If I am able to help, I love to be able to.

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Kathleen Weldon

Social Media Manager

I am a social media marketer at Weldon & Weldon Financial Coaching. I use social media and newsletters to bring awareness to our clients about upcoming events. I’ve taken online courses to improve my skills and I’ve earned a Coursera badge from Google in digital marketing and E-commerce.

Outside of work, I’ve been writing science fiction and fantasy novels since 2018. My first book ‘Metal Bones’, won a Literary Titan award and I’ve created numerous friendships through the online writing community!
I sell art in a local restaurant, though I haven’t been painting lately. It’s fun to put on a podcast and paint for a few hours!


I've had epilepsy since I was 15 and my family and I have been to almost every single National Walk to End Epilepsy walk in Washington D.C. since it started.
My favorite thing to unwind after work is to play video games (I used to want to be a video game journalist before I realized it wasn’t for me). As of writing this, the new Zelda game JUST came out and I’m taking a week break from writing to dive into it after work. There’s so much to do!


When I’m not doing any of that, you can find me hanging out with my family. My nephew is the cutest kid ever! I’m pretty sure ever since he was born, all of the pictures in my phone are just him now lol

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